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Circular Supply Chain Accelerator 


Provide a scalable solution that helps OEMs and the parties in their supply chains to define the business case for viable and bankable circular propositions.


  • The circular transition will be driven by end-demand and large manufacturers (OEMs) who are investing in new circular propositions

  • SMEs and mid-corps are major enablers in the supply chain of OEMs, but are due to their size hindered from investing in the transition and adopting circular business models, as long as the financial viability is unclear


  • Develop a scalable solution that helps OEMs and the parties in their supply chains to formulate a viable and bankable business case for circular propositions

  • Ensure cooperation and a just risk-reward distribution in the supply chain, thereby also enabling SMEs and mid-corps to make the transition

  • Conduct a pilot with a construction company and their supply chain partners, with an initial focus on the construction sector

  • Share insights with WEF PACE and broader CE community


The Circular Economy is happening, and it’s not… With the aim to ensure that supply chain participants effectively cooperate and are able to create viable and bankable business cases of their circular propositions; ING, Accenture and Circle Economy are developing CiSCA: the Circular Supply Chain Accelerator. Actively engaging with companies and industry experts, the initial focus of the project is on the construction sector as this is a materials intensive sector, with significant CO2 emissions and great interest to jointly build that positive business case, we know it’s there!


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A clear business case for the supply chain will spur the transition to circular economy






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